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How to Get the Companion Ticket from the Delta Amex Platinum and Reserve Cards

Oct 14, 2023 By Triston Martin

Imagine booking a flight and having the opportunity to bring a companion for free. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not if you're a Delta Air Lines loyalist and hold the Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve Card. These coveted cards come with a fantastic perk known as the "Companion Ticket," which allows you to take a friend or family member along on your flights for a single ticket.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to obtain your Companion Ticket and make the most of it. So, if you're ready to elevate your travel experience and share it with a loved one, read on to discover all the details.

Introduction to Delta Amex Platinum and Reserve Cards

Exploring the world of Delta Amex Platinum and Reserve Cards opens up a realm of exclusive benefits. Let's delve into what makes these cards truly exceptional.

Delta Amex Platinum Card

The Delta Amex Platinum Card is a premium travel credit card American Express offers in partnership with Delta Air Lines. This card is perfect for frequent Delta travelers who want to enjoy various travel perks and benefits. One of the standout features of the Delta Amex Platinum Card is the Companion Ticket, which can significantly enhance your travel experiences.

Delta Amex Reserve Card

The Delta Amex Reserve Card is the top-tier option among Delta credit cards. It's designed for frequent flyers who want the ultimate luxury and convenience when traveling with Delta. Like the Delta Amex Platinum Card, the Reserve Card also offers the coveted Companion Ticket as one of its most attractive benefits.

Qualifying for the Companion Ticket

Before enjoying the benefits of the Companion Ticket, there are certain criteria to meet. Let's navigate the path to unlocking this valuable perk.

Meeting Spending Requirements

To qualify for the Companion Ticket, you must meet specific spending requirements using your Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve Card. Typically, this involves spending a specific amount on eligible purchases within a calendar year. These requirements can change, so checking your card's current terms and conditions is essential.

Tracking Your Spending

Keeping track of your spending is crucial to ensure you meet the requirements for the Companion Ticket. Most card issuers provide online tools and apps to help you monitor your expenses.

Strategies to Meet Spending Requirements

Explore various strategies to meet the spending requirements, such as using your card for everyday expenses, travel bookings, and large purchases. Some Cardholders also take advantage of authorized user bonuses.

Cardholder Anniversary Benefit

The Delta Amex Platinum and Reserve Cards, including the Companion Ticket, give Cardholders an anniversary benefit. This benefit is typically granted each year upon renewing your card membership. Understanding the terms and conditions associated with this benefit is crucial to maximize its value.

Timing Your Card Renewal

Consider timing your card renewal strategically to make the most of your Companion Ticket benefit. This ensures you receive your new Companion Ticket shortly after your anniversary date.

Renewal Process

Learn about the renewal process for your Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve Card. Ensure you pay any annual fees promptly to maintain your card membership and anniversary benefit eligibility.

Using Your Companion Ticket

Once you've qualified for the Companion Ticket, it's time to put it to good use. Here's how to make the most of this fantastic perk:

Booking Process

Booking your Companion Ticket is a straightforward process. Log in to your Delta account and select the "My Delta" option. Then, click "Manage Reservations" and choose "Book a Companion Ticket." Follow the prompts to book your flight and add your companion.

Selecting Eligible Flights

Understand which flights are eligible for the Companion Ticket benefit. Some restrictions may apply, such as blackout dates and fare class limitations. Be sure to choose flights that align with the terms and conditions.

Adding Your Companion

Learn how to add your companion to your booking during the reservation process. This step ensures your companion's seat is secured alongside yours on the same flight.

Companion Ticket Terms and Conditions

Knowing the terms and conditions associated with your Companion Ticket is crucial. Some restrictions may apply, such as blackout dates and fare class limitations. Ensure you read and understand these terms to avoid surprises when booking your flights.

Blackout Dates and Restrictions

Check for blackout dates and other restrictions that may apply to your Companion Ticket. Planning your trips around these limitations can help you maximize the benefits.

Fare Class Considerations

Understand the fare class requirements for your Companion Ticket. Ensure you choose eligible fare classes when booking your flights to ensure the Companion Ticket is valid.

Maximizing Your Companion Ticket Benefits

While the Companion Ticket itself is an incredible perk, there are ways to maximize its value even further:

Planning Ahead

Plan your trips well in advance to get the most out of your Companion Ticket. This allows you to secure the best flight options and availability for you and your companion.

Booking Peak Travel Times

Consider booking your flights during peak travel times to maximize the value of your Companion Ticket. This can help you save significantly on airfare costs.

Exploring Multiple Destinations

Explore the possibility of visiting multiple destinations on the same trip using your Companion Ticket. This can be a great way to maximize your travel opportunities.

Combining with Other Delta Benefits

Don't forget to leverage other Delta benefits offered by your Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve Card. This can include priority boarding, complimentary checked bags, and access to Delta Sky Club lounges, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Priority Boarding

Learn how to take advantage of priority boarding with your Delta Amex Platinum or Reserve Card. This perk can save you time and ensure a smoother boarding process.

Complimentary Checked Bags

Understand the details of the complimentary checked bag benefit. This can be especially beneficial for longer trips or when traveling with larger items.


In conclusion, the Companion Ticket offered by the Delta Amex Platinum and Reserve Cards is a fantastic perk that can elevate your travel experiences. By meeting the spending requirements and understanding the terms and conditions associated with the benefit, you can unlock the power of bringing a companion along on your flights for a fraction of the cost.

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